Commercial Fuel Services

Kimlin Energy helps you take care of business

truckThe Hudson Valley has a diverse array of businesses. And Kimlin Energy provides the fuel services many kinds of businesses need to succeed in a competitive environment.

The advantage we offer you is that we are a locally based third-generation family business with deep roots in the area and a deep understanding of the needs of businesses like yours. Because of our experience, we have been able to craft personalized fuel services and plans designed to help you complete projects, earn income and meet environmental goals.

Here’s what we can do for your business:

Temporary heat

Winters can get pretty harsh here. And when your workplace is in unheated buildings, or outdoors, you need to provide your workers with safe working conditions, as well as protect equipment, to help work get done.

That’s where Kimlin Energy comes in! We provide temporary heating services that let staff work in safety and comfort. Painting, drywalling and other projects can get done. And plumbing is protected.

Our temporary heat solutions provides everything you need: Heaters, fuel, tanks, hoses and regulators. And we’ll customize the service to meet your needs.

Diesel and gasoline

forkliftWhen your business involves trucking, you need a reliable supply of quality gasoline and diesel fuels at a competitive price.

Kimlin Energy can do that for you. We offer on-site delivery and fueling, whether it’s at your business or at a job site. And our gasoline and diesel fuels meet or exceed all industry standards, so you know your equipment is in good hands with us.

Bulk propane

Whether you need propane for temporary heating, your restaurant, your plant or any other business, Kimlin has a long and proud history of dependable, safe bulk propane delivery services.

Many businesses are turning to commercial generators to protect their investments. Those include:

Kimlin Energy provides bulk propane delivery so your generators have the fuel they need. And we’re there for you 24/7 so you’ll never have to worry that your generator won’t have the fuel it needs.

Propane forklift cylinders

More businesses are switching to propane forklifts because of the advantages they offer. Because propane is so clean-burning, propane forklifts can be used both indoors and out. They have more power than electric forklifts, and that power doesn’t diminish like with electric forklifts. And electric forklifts can take eight hours or more to recharge. Propane forklifts need just five minutes to replace the tank and it’s back on the job.

Kimlin Energy will tailor a forklift cylinder delivery and exchange program that meets your business’s needs.

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