Propane Tank Installation and Service in Dutchess and Ulster Counties

Kimlin Energy provides complete propane tank services

There are many reasons you’re in the market for a propane tank.

You may be building a new home here in the Hudson Valley and have made the smart decision to use propane in it. Or you are remodeling your current home and are taking advantage of the opportunity and making the smart choice to add propane appliances and convert your home to propane heating. You may have purchased a home and the propane tank was leased from another provider and you want Kimlin Energy for your propane delivery. Or the propane tank may be showing its age.

Whatever the reason, Kimlin Energy provides quality propane tank installation and service by experienced, knowledgeable service technicians.

Propane TanksWe also provide propane tank leasing, meaning you don’t have to pay big bucks upfront to buy and install a new tank. And since we manage maintenance and repairs, you’re off the hook for those, too!

Propane tanks: size matters

One of the advantages of working with a local propane company like Kimlin is that we have a keen understanding of our customers. That’s because you’re our neighbors.

We get that while two homes may be the same size, they may need different sizes of propane tanks. One may use propane for whole-house heating and several propane appliances while the other may be a second home. That’s why we thoroughly discuss your propane usage with you to determine the right size tank for your home.

Here’s a simple guide to give you the basics on propane tanks.

Aboveground Propane Tanks20-, 30-, 40- or 100-pound cylinders
This portable tank style is commonly used for gas grills, portable heaters, cooking stoves and RVs.

60-gallon tanks
These are used for small space heaters and other small propane appliances.

120-gallon tanks
These tanks are for homes using a significant amount of propane for stoves, clothes dryers, water heaters, space heaters or fireplaces. It is not large enough for whole-house heating.

320- to 500-gallon tanks
These tanks store the large amounts of propane needed for whole-house heating.

1,000-gallon tanks
These are often commercial propane tanks that can also be used for large residential homes that use propane for heating and several appliances, including high-Btu appliances like pool heaters.

We’re ready to help get your propane tank installed. Contact us today!