Convert Your Hudson Valley Home to Propane

Need help switching from oil to propane heat? Kimlin Energy’s on the job!

propane conversionIf you’re driving around the Hudson Valley, you may notice more and more homes have propane tanks next to them.

Visit friends from Millbrook to Red Hook, and you may notice they have gas ranges in homes that don’t have access to natural gas lines.

Why are so many of your neighbors switching from heating oil to propane for their homes? Because propane is clean-burning, energy efficient and can be used in so many ways around a home!

Not only can propane heat your home efficiently, with a more even heat than heating oil, it can heat your water as well. Other appliances you can use propane in include ranges, ovens, cooktops, clothes dryers, wall and space heaters, fireplaces and hearths, outdoor lights, and more!

If your oil-fired heating system is showing its age in the forms or higher energy bills and mounting repair costs, now is the ideal time to make the switch to propane.
Whatever your reason for switching, Kimlin Energy is here to help! We can walk you through the conversion process. Here’s what we can do for you:

Ready to make the switch to clean, abundant, versatile propane? Contact us to get started!