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Have peace of mind with Kimlin Energy’s heating oil tank replacement and leasing!

heating oil tankYou likely only think about your heating oil tank when you go to check the heating oil tank gauge levels so you know when to contact Kimlin Energy to request a heating oil delivery. By the way, our Automatic Delivery option takes that chore off your hands.

It makes sense because your heating oil tank is located in a place you don’t go very often. Your heating oil tank is either tucked away in the basement, or it’s placed aboveground or underground outdoors.

Unfortunately, your heating oil tank can come to mind if it develops a leak, or fails completely. Then you are dealing with a lot of hassle, work and expense.

Kimlin Energy: Your one-stop heating oil tank shop

When you need a new heating oil tank, Kimlin Energy is here from start to finish.

First, our heating oil professionals will make sure your new heating oil tank is the right size for your home, taking in your home’s size, your home heating system and your heating needs.

Then our trained and experienced tank installation experts will safely and properly install your oil tank, following all codes and regulations.

Once your new heating oil tank is installed, we can also add wireless tank monitoring. No more having to go down to the basement or outside to check how much heating oil you have. The monitor lets us both know via wireless technology! That way, you know when to schedule a heating oil delivery. Or, you can enroll in Automatic Delivery, and we’ll schedule a delivery to your home before you run low!

Is it time to replace your heating oil tank?

Heating oil tanks are pretty sturdy and they can last a long time. But they do not last forever.

What can cause your heating oil tank to fail? The most common culprit is corrosion that ruins your tank from the inside out.

Condensation develops in the walls of the empty space of your heating oil tank, especially in warmer weather. That condensation drips off the walls and sinks to the bottom of the tank, where it creates a perfect environment for the development of sediment. That sediment can lead to corrosion.

Keeping an eye on your heating oil tank—and that means more than a passing glance at the tank gauge levels—can protect you from the consequences of a heating oil tank failure. Here’s what to look for:

If you see any of these signs, contact Kimlin Energy right away and we’ll come check out your tank. We can tell you if it can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced.

And don’t forget, we can keep your heating oil tank full with safe, reliable heating oil delivery!

Looking for a new heating oil tank? Contact us to get started!