Get Heating Oil in Poughkeepsie and throughout Hudson Valley, NY

Kimlin Energy is your trusted heating oil provider!

Heating oil is the choice of home heating fuel for many of your neighbors here in the Hudson Valley. Why? Because heating oil is an affordable, safe option for keeping homes warm and comfortable.

And for lots of homeowners in the Hudson Valley, Kimlin Energy is the heating oil company they turn to for dependable heating oil services.
kimlin truckHere are our services:

Heating oil delivery

Our safe, reliable heating oil delivery is one reason our customers stick with us. We offer 24-hour delivery service and emergency delivery to our customers. Our most popular delivery option is automatic heating oil delivery, where we track your usage and schedule a delivery before you run low.

Conversion to propane

If you want to use propane for home heating, cooking, water heating and more, Kimlin Energy can help you switch to propane!

Heating oil tanks

Heating oil tanks are durable, but they eventually need to be replaced. We install, maintain and repair heating oil tanks. We offer competitive leasing options and wireless tank monitoring.

Pricing and payment plans

With payment and pricing options like our EZ Pay Advantage budget plan, Price Cap, Prebuy, and AutoPay, Kimlin Energy makes managing your heating oil costs easy and stress-free!

Contact us to learn more about our heating oil services!