Fireplaces and Hearths in Millbrook, NY

Time to get cozy with Kimlin!

fireplaces and hearthsOn a bitter winter’s day here in the Hudson Valley, there’s not much better than coming home and relaxing in front of a warm fire in the fireplace.

But if you have a wood-burning fireplace, there’s some work to do before you can get the relaxing part. You have to schlep in the firewood, build the fire and light it. When you’re done, you have the messy job of cleaning up the ashes and soot.

Kimlin Energy has an alternative that gives you all of the heat with none of the hassle: Propane gas fireplaces and gas logs!

The benefits of a propane fireplace

If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, or you want to add one, you’ll get some serious sticker shock if you price out adding a traditional masonry fireplace.

Adding a propane gas fireplace is much easier. Instead of weeks of work—with dust and mess—that come with building a masonry fireplace, vented and ventless propane fireplaces can be installed in a day by our experienced, knowledgeable service technicians.

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Propane fireplaces can be placed just about anywhere in your home. Want it in your master bedroom? Great! Family room? No problem! Kimlin Energy also offers a wide selection of sizes and styles. So whether your home’s design is craftsman or colonial, contemporary or cottage, we can get you the propane fireplace that will look fabulous in your home as well as provide easy comfort.

Do you already have a masonry fireplace but want the convenience of propane? We can install a propane fireplace insert.

And with either a fireplace or a fireplace insert, we also install gas logs in an attractive array of styles scaled to fit your size fireplace.

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