What To Do When Your Heater Won’t Start

Written on: October 12, 2020

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Troubleshooting tips may save you a service call

The weather has been getting cooler here in the Hudson Valley. We’re reaching for our jackets more and more when we head out. And soon, we’ll be turning on the heat in our homes.

How are you feeling about your home’s furnace or boiler being ready for the cold to come? If you haven’t done it already, schedule its annual maintenance tune-up.

Now is also the time to enroll in one of our service plans for your home heating system. Not only is your annual tune-up covered with it, you get priority emergency no-heat service, along with discounts on repairs!

But sometimes, something goes wrong and your heater won’t start. But before you request a service call, we have some troubleshooting tips that may get your heating system up and running again without us having to come to your home.

Check your tank gauge levels

This is the first step. Make sure you have enough heating oil or propane to properly run your heating system. If your tank is less than 25% full, contact us immediately for an emergency delivery.

Check emergency and power switches

That red “start” switch on your furnace is part of a safety system that shuts down your system if it thinks that the burner flame has gone out. However, that sometimes happens even if the burner flame is still on. If the switch is off, turn it on and your heating system should turn on. Also check all other power switches associated with your heating system.

Push the reset button ONLY ONCE

Look on your heater. There should be a button clearly labeled “RESET.” Before you push it, go turn your thermostat up at least five degrees higher than the current temperature in your home. Then press the reset button. Only do this once. Pressing the button again could flood your heating equipment with oil. If you have enough oil in your tank and the emergency switch is on, pressing the reset button should do the trick. If it doesn’t, again, DO NOT press the reset button anymore. Your heating system needs professional attention. Contact us for a no-heat emergency service call.

Check the breaker box

If too much power has surged through the circuit that controls your heating system, the breaker will trip. Often, just a flip of the circuit breaker switch will restore power to your furnace or boiler. Do that and check your heater again. If it’s still not working, contact us for service.

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