What Is Bulk Propane?

Written on: June 20, 2022

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propane for businesses new yorkIf your business uses a lot of propane, you need it in bulk. And that’s what you get with Kimlin Energy’s bulk propane services.

We provide customized bulk propane delivery and service to Hudson Valley businesses. We can help you figure out exactly how much propane you need and set up a delivery schedule that is suited to your needs. Our bulk propane is of the finest quality.

Kimlin Energy is for our on-time, dependable delivery and fair, transparent bulk propane pricing.

Bulk propane fuels a wide range of Hudson Valley businesses

Propane is used in residential and commercial construction for equipment, temporary heating, and other needs.

The fuel of choice is propane when it comes to backup generators at businesses and institutions such as supermarkets, hospitals, municipal buildings, assisted living centers, nursing homes, health care facilities, schools, and other organizations to keep people and property safe. That’s not only due to our reliable delivery but also because you’re not at the mercy of a gas utility’s infrastructure.

Hudson Valley farms use propane for crop drying, heating barns and other outbuildings like greenhouses, and flame weed killing which is more efficient and environmentally friendly than chemical herbicides, forklifts, and generators.

The Hudson Valley’s tourism industry generates more than $4.6 billion in direct spending each year and employs more than 62,000 residents. Many hospitality-related firms rely on propane for their operations to be successful.

A lot of propane is used in hotels and resorts. Laundry, such as bedding, towels, and tablecloths, is one of the primary reasons for such a large use. Propane commercial clothes dryers can dry greater quantities of linens more quickly. These dryers also create less wear and fewer wrinkles on the linens, saving time and money on housekeeping costs.

Commercial kitchens and restaurants in businesses such as resorts, golf courses, and event centers use propane gas for cooking. Propane allows them to cook large amounts of high-quality food with precise temperature control provided by propane ranges and grills.

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