Ten Reasons To Install Programmable Thermostats

Written on: February 7, 2022

Enjoy the benefits of better control of your energy costs!

thermostat installation new yorkProgrammable thermostats are a simple method to gain greater control of your home’s heating and cooling while also saving money without sacrificing comfort.

Today, you also have the options of smart thermostats that you can control via your home’s WiFi or your smartphone.

Here are 10 ways that programmable and smart thermostats can help make your home more comfortable, improve your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, and save you money on your energy costs.

10 Perks of Programmable Thermostat

Save big money

According to the Department of Energy, using programmable thermostats can help you save 10% or more on your heating and cooling expenses. Given that heating and cooling account for half of your home’s energy costs, that’s a substantial sum of money!

Get precise temperature control

A 5° variance in temperature between the setting and actual temperatures is possible with manual thermostats. Programmable thermostats allow you to adjust your thermostat to the precise temperature you desire. You’ll be saving energy and money by not constantly fiddling with the thermostat trying to get the right temperature.

Enjoy easy comfort

There’s no more “Did I forget to turn down/up the thermostat?” when you leave the house, then discovering you did and having to pay for heating or cooling the home too much while you were away. You won’t have to worry about coming home to a too-cold or too-hot house any longer. Programming your thermostat make heating and cooling your home simple.

Get customized settings

You can program your thermostat to specific settings and have a variety of choices, such as weekdays, weekends, vacations, and so on. It can also be programmed to maintain a consistent temperature.

Protect your HVAC equipment

If you have an older HVAC system, a programmable thermostat helps it work more efficiently, allowing it to operate longer before needing to be replaced. A programmable thermostat also aids in the efficient operation of a new HVAC system.

Zone your heating and cooling

There’s no reason to heat and cool spaces you’re not using. Programmable thermostats allow you to program your HVAC system so that it doesn’t heat or cool particular rooms during the day or at night.

Get control of humidity

If your home’s HVAC system includes a humidification or dehumidification unit, you can control it with your programmable thermostat to keep the proper humidity levels all year.

Protect your settings

Programmable thermostats allow you to lock in your temperature settings to ensure that no one else can adjust them.

Take better care of your HVAC system

If you have a smart thermostat, some send notifications to your smartphone informing you to check and change the air filter, program service, or notify you of an issue.

Control your HVAC from anywhere

Another benefit of today’s smart thermostats is that you can monitor and manage your home’s HVAC system from anywhere with a signal on your phone or tablet.

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