Protect Your Jobsite with Temporary Heat

Written on: February 5, 2024

Kimlin Energy helps you keep the work moving forward

propane temp heat Kingston, NY After taking its sweet time, winter has arrived here in the Hudson Valley. You might have concerns regarding the upcoming projects that your construction business will undertake in the cold weather.

Kimlin Energy is your reliable partner for all your temporary heating needs. We provide comprehensive solutions for setting up temporary heating at your job sites. We offer a complete range of equipment, including heaters, lines, hoses, regulators, and, most importantly, propane! With our on-call and next-day service, you can rest assured that you’ll always have everything you need to keep your job sites warm and safe. Our temporary heat services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

What types of temporary heating equipment are there?

Direct-fired heaters: These heaters, commonly known as torpedoes or salamanders, are extensively utilized in construction projects. They operate by drawing in air from the surrounding space, heating it with an open flame, and then circulating it back into the environment. One of the primary advantages of these heaters lies in their high efficiency, making them a cost-effective choice. Moreover, the radiant heat models offer the added benefit of not requiring electricity, which proves particularly advantageous in construction settings where power availability may be limited.

Indirect-fired heaters: Many construction companies are now recognizing the numerous benefits of utilizing indirect-fired heaters. Unlike direct-fired heaters, these units are typically positioned outside the building. The fuel is burned in a closed combustion chamber, drawing air from the exterior. The resulting heat is then transferred to a heat exchanger, which in turn warms the outside air. This warm air is evenly distributed throughout the building using strategically placed fans and ducts in work areas. Although indirect-fired heaters are less efficient and require electricity, the added safety of conducting the combustion process outdoors is a significant advantage.

Safety best practices for using temporary heating equipment

Temporary heating provides a reliable and efficient solution for project warming. However, it is crucial to understand the proper usage of the equipment. At Kimlin Energy, we are committed to providing expert guidance on best practices to ensure the safety of temporary heating. With our invaluable insights, your project will run seamlessly and with utmost peace of mind.

Put propane to work on your jobsite with temporary heating services from Kimlin Energy! Contact us today for a consultation.