Summer Propane Safety Tips 

Written on: August 11, 2022

Don’t let an accident ruin your summer fun!

propane grill tips new yorkIt’s been another beautiful summer here in the Hudson Valley, and many of us have been enjoying our back yards for cookouts, play dates, and lazy days with a good book.

Propane can make your back yard an ideal place to spend summer days and evenings with family and friends. That’s because propane is not only great for grilling, but also creates cozy gathering spots with propane deck and patio heaters, firepits, and outdoor spaces. Propane pool and spa heaters get your water warm in a fraction of the time it takes comparable electric models. Banish bug bites with propane insect traps that mimic human breath and lure those pesky mosquitoes to their doom.

To keep your back yard enjoyable and safe, brush up on propane safety. We’ve compiled some tips to help you.

How to store and transport propane cylinders

Keep cylinders upright when transporting or storing them. Even if you think the cylinder is empty, there may be enough liquid propane in them to cause a leak.

It’s not a good idea to leave a cylinder in your car for long, especially if it’s hot outside. It’s best to go directly home after getting your cylinder replaced or refilled. If you can’t, make the cylinder exchange or fill the last stop before returning home. 

Cylinders should be kept outdoors, away from direct sunlight, upright, and on a dry surface. Keeping them on the ground, which can get damp, can lead to the cylinder rusting. Never store cylinders indoors or in the garage, sunporch, carport, sheds, or other enclosed or covered areas. Also, don’t store a spare cylinder next to the grill.

Grilling safety best practices

You may find it convenient to have your propane grill near to the house and the back door because you can easily take food outside from the kitchen and bring everything in again. But there’s something more important than convenience: safety.

Your grill, as well as other outdoor propane appliances such as your patio or deck heater, firepit, pool or spa heater, or fireplace, must be at least three feet from all doors and windows on your house and 10 feet or more from any air intake device. This is to reduce the risk of propane vapor getting into your home. They also need that clear space to keep them a safe distance from siding, deck railings, outdoor furniture, and anything else that’s combustible. Make sure that the grill is placed on a level surface.

Did you know that one in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease? Clean your grill regularly and empty the grease trap after each use.

Keep the lid open until the grill is fully lit. Do not leave the grill unattended once it’s lit.

NEVER use your grill indoors or in an enclosed or covered space like the garage, screened-in porch, or carport.

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