Being Prepared for A Winter Delivery

Written on: January 4, 2023

Make sure you always have the fuel your home needs!

propane delivery new york While shoveling your driveway and walkways after a winter storm or Nor’easter is far from being an enjoyable duty, it is still necessary.

This is because if our Kimlin Energy delivery truck drivers are unable to travel your driveway safely or access your propane and heating oil tank, we cannot provide you with a necessary heating oil delivery or propane delivery.

To ensure the safe delivery of fuel, we kindly request that customers clear their driveways to a width of at least 10 feet. This will allow for our delivery truck drivers to navigate your driveway safely.

Sloping driveways can be a challenge for our heavy trucks but sanding or salting it before we arrive will make the delivery much easier. This simple technique is an easy way to keep your driveway accessible and safe for all vehicles using it.

To ensure reliable access to your household’s heating oil or propane, a pathway of at least one foot wide must be cleared between the driveway and the fuel tank or fill line location. If you hire someone for snow removal, be sure to alert them about the exact location of your tank or fill line so that their plowing doesn’t create an obstruction with large piles of snow.

Make sure your delivery driver can find their way to filling your fuel tank by placing a tall, flag-topped pole or large ribbon next to your heating oil or propane tank, or fill line.

If you’re planning a winter vacation, it’s essential that you set up arrangements for snow and ice removal beforehand in the event of a required heating oil or propane delivery while away.

Protect Your Fuel Tank

If you have an outdoor heating oil tank or an aboveground propane tank, use a broom after each snowfall to sweep away the accumulation of snow. Never attempt to clear it with a shovel as this might cause harm to the tank or its components.

Heavy snowfall can cause a great deal of pressure on your tank, which could result in cracks or even misalignments. This can cause leaks that could become dangerous.

Keeping your tank clear is especially important if you have propane. This is because propane starts to shrink as temperatures and the pressure in your tank may lower so that it cannot reach your home’s gas burners. Clearing away any snow or ice covering on top of the tank allows sunlight to warm up the propane inside, keeping it at a proper level of pressure. If snow accumulates on your propane tank, it can hinder the warming process and impede the flow of fuel to heat your home.

Keep Kimlin Energy Informed

If you’re an Automatic Delivery customer and planning to escape the cold winter chill for more than just a couple of weeks, please let us know. We understand that getting away is important, but we want to make sure your fuel supply isn’t interrupted while you are away! By providing us with information that you are away, our calculations on when to deliver fuel to your home will be more accurate. This is because they are based in part on your fuel usage history. If we know you’re away, we can prevent any unnecessary deliveries while you’re gone.

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