Protect Yourself With Prebuy!

Written on: August 15, 2022

Don’t let a price spike wreck your budget

fuel payment options new yorkBetween inflation, lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the effects of these on propane and heating oil pricing have been giving all of us headaches this year.

You can get rid of worries over your propane and heating oil costs by enrolling in Kimlin Energy’s Prebuy program! Customers who enrolled in Prebuy last winter were protected when fuel prices soared.

Here’s how Prebuy works. You agree to purchase your winter’s supply of heating oil or propane ahead of the heating season. The price is locked in the day you enroll. Whatever happens in the markets, your propane or heating oil price will not change, giving you stability in these challenging times.

Our market prices for Prebuy change daily and Prebuy is available for a limited time before the heating season starts, so don’t wait to enroll!

Adding Price Cap can save you money

Yes, Prebuy is great. We make it even greater by giving you the option of adding our Price Cap price protection.

By combining Prebuy and Price Cap, you get not only the protection against price spikes, but you also get the opportunity to have your propane or heating oil price GO DOWN if the market price falls below your Prebuy price!

Fuel price increases and decreases are both possible in this volatile time. That is why we strongly recommend to our customers that you add Price Cap to your Prebuy plan, so you have the most security possible.

Other ways to control your fuel costs

One of our most popular payment options is our EZ Pay Advantage plan. Instead of getting slammed with larger heating oil or propane bills in the winter, when you’re using more fuel for home heating, your costs are spread out over 12 even, more affordable monthly payments. Combine that with PreBuy and Price Cap and planning your household expenses just got a lot easier!

Our Autopay program makes managing your Kimlin Energy payments worry-free. Your payment is automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account each month. You don’t have to life a finger!

Contact Kimlin Energy today to learn more about Prebuy and our other pricing and payment options.