Protect Yourself This Winter With a Service Plan

Written on: January 10, 2022

Get security and peace of mind from Kimlin Energy!

hvac service new yorkThe last things you need this winter are a breakdown of your home’s heating system and big repair bills.

You can avoid these with Kimlin Energy’s Preferred Oil & Maintenance Service Plans!

Our service plans offer many benefits, including:

All of these combine to make our service plans the ultimate in protection for your home’s heating system.

Your equipment is properly maintained

An annual tune-up is included with every Kimlin Energy Preferred Oil & Propane plan, which ensures that your home’s heating system is in peak working order. Our trained and experienced repair technicians thoroughly check, clean, and oil the components of your heating system, replacing any worn elements.

An annual inspection allows our service technicians to identify and repair any problems before they become worse. This can help you avoid the costs of breakdowns and expensive repairs. Four out of five furnace and boiler failures are caused by a lack of maintenance.

Save money

The goal of our service plan is to help you save money on your heating costs, and not just by preventing large repair expenditures. When furnaces and boilers are properly maintained, they operate at peak efficiency, meaning you’ll be able to use the least amount of energy without sacrificing warmth, safety, or comfort. This efficiency may save you 10% on your heating and cooling costs. When you consider that heating accounts for about half of the winter energy expenses in your home, those are significant savings!

Boilers or furnaces that are well-maintained will have a longer lifespan than those that aren’t, so you won’t have to replace them as soon. You’ll get a greater return on your investment.

If your equipment needs servicing, we provide for a wide range of parts and savings on others, as well as labor cost reductions, both of which might help you save money.

Also, for every consecutive year you renew your service plan, we give you $50 in loyalty rewards that can be applied to any needed repairs in the future!

Protect your warranty

Manufacturers of heating systems now include a clause in their warranties that you have your equipment maintained by professional service technician once a year. Our service plans may help keep your warranty in effect with our annual tune-ups, which could prevent you from getting stuck with a big repair bill in the future.

Protect your equipment and your wallet. Contact us today to enroll in a Kimlin Energy Preferred Oil & Propane Plan!