Your Home’s Ultimate Propane Spring Cleaning Guide

Written on: April 19, 2021

Get The Most Out Of Your Propane Appliances With These Tips!

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Spring has sprung here in the Hudson Valley, and many of us are tackling spring cleaning in our homes.

We have a few items to add to your to-do list for your propane appliances that will help keep your home safe and comfortable.

Get Your Heating System A Tune-up

Your home’s furnace or boiler worked hard this winter. Send it on its spring and summer vacation with a professional maintenance tune-up by the trained, experienced service technicians at Kimlin Energy. Any problems can be repaired now, and your heating system will operate at its best possible efficiency no matter when you need it in the fall. This is an optimal time for a tune-up, as the heating season winds down and the A/C season hasn’t started. It will be easy to schedule an appointment.

Clean Your Propane Oven

Winter is a prime time for ovens, between holiday dinners and baking, weeknight casseroles and weekend roasts. If you took up stress baking this past year, you gave your oven even more of a workout. Now is the time to give it a thorough cleaning. These directions will have your propane oven squeaky-clean.

Tend To Your Dryer Vent

Vent blockage can dramatically reduce the flow of air to the dryer, reducing its efficiency and raising your energy costs. This can also create a fire hazard. Clean your propane clothes dryer’s exhaust fan using a brush made for this job. They can be found at your local home improvement store or online.

Give Your Propane Grill Some Attention

Grilling season is upon us. But don’t fire up your propane grill without giving it a thorough spring cleaning so it is clean, safe, and ready to use. Here’s what to do:

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