Benefits of Using Propane-Powered Forklifts

Written on: March 15, 2021

Learn Why Propane Is Better Than Electricity

propane cylinder exchange new yorkAll over the Hudson Valley, businesses of all kinds use forklifts in their day-to-day work. Those businesses include:

Many of these businesses have discovered the advantages that using propane forklift offers them. They are also discovering that using Kimlin Energy’s propane forklift cylinder exchange makes using propane forklifts easy.

Propane Forklifts: Get More For Your Money

Productivity: When an electric forklift runs out of power, it’s sidelined for eight hours (or more) to recharge. With a propane forklift, all you need to do is swap out the empty cylinder with a full one, and it and your workers are back on the job in less than five minutes.

Power: When it comes to power, propane has the clear advantage over electric. A propane forklift keeps its full power right up until its cylinder needs to be replaced – unlike electric models, which gradually lose power as the juice gets low. Propane forklifts can also handle heavier loads, are better on inclines, and can run for longer periods of time – about eight hours on a single cylinder of propane.

Use wet or dry: Propane forklifts can work in wet or dry conditions; most electric models can’t. If you’re going to be bringing materials from a truck parked outside in the rain into your warehouse, or vice-versa, you can safely and easily do that with a propane forklift.

Clean burning means less maintenance: Because clean-burning propane leaves fewer deposits, your propane forklift engine will last longer and need less maintenance. Clean burning propane is also better for the environment than electricity, which is mostly produced by coal-fired power plants.

Kimlin Energy: Your Partner For Propane

As a locally owned and operated company, Kimlin Energy understands the needs of businesses like yours, and can be responsive to your needs, in ways that the large national companies just can’t.
We’ll create a forklift cylinder exchange schedule tailored to your needs. You’ll get reliable delivery, a cage for safe on-site storage, and professional safety training for your employees by our knowledgeable staff.

Contact us to learn more about how a propane forklift cylinder exchange with Kimlin Energy can benefit your business!