Let Propane Heat Your Outdoor Space

Written on: February 14, 2022

You can enjoy your backyard even in winter!

propane heaters new yorkHave you been having cabin fever lately? You’re not alone. Winters here in the Hudson Valley can feel like they’re going to last forever. Throw in some snowstorms that leave us stuck at home, and it’s no wonder we feel a little trapped.

We have a solution: Use your backyard! You can, with the help of propane. For starters, your propane grill can be used any time of year. Because it heats up quickly, grilling in the winter is much easier with propane than charcoal. Some hot-off-the-grill steaks are a great mood-lifter.

That’s only the beginning of how propane can be used outside this time of year. Propane can provide heat as well.

Propane spa and pool heaters

Do you have an outdoor spa tub? With a propane spa heater, you can enjoy your spa tub any time of year, even when the snow flies! Propane heats your spa tub dramatically faster than electric spa tub heaters, so you won’t have to wait for a nice, long soak.

That same speed applies to propane pool heaters. Now is the time to plan for installing a fast, efficient propane pool heater so you’ll be ready to go this summer!

Propane’s efficiency advantage over electricity for pool and spa heaters means you’ll also save on energy costs!

Propane fireplaces and firepits

With propane fireplaces and firepits, you can create a place to sit outside for a bit without the work and worry of a wood fire. Propane fireplaces come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit any backyard. With propane firepits, you can spend time with friends or get away from everything inside for a spell.

Propane deck and patio heaters

You know those propane deck and patio heaters your favorite restaurants use for outdoor dining? Those can be used at home, too! You can choose between freestanding, tabletop, or wall-mounted, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Propane patio and deck heaters also offer safety features like an anti-tip or an oxygen depletion sensor. Before you go shopping, know how big your patio or deck is so you get one that can keep you warm.

Make clean-burning, efficient, and versatile propane part of your backyard for year-round enjoyment! Contact us to learn more.