Appliance Spotlight: Propane Fireplaces

Written on: December 7, 2020

Add Cozy Comfort To Your Home With A Propane Fireplace From Kimlin Energy!

gas fireplaces new yorkThere are a lot of great things about relaxing in front of a fire in a fireplace.

All the work that goes into that relaxing? Is not one of them.

Instead of dealing with bringing in firewood, building and lighting a fire, and cleaning up the mess of ashes, you can enjoy a comfy fire with the push of a button when you install a propane fireplace from Kimlin Energy!

Propane Fireplaces Go Anywhere In Your Home

Don’t have an existing fireplace? That is no problem because you don’t need one with a propane fireplace! Not only do you not have to worry about the expense of adding one, but propane fireplaces can be installed in any room you like. Want to add a romantic ambience to your master bedroom? Put a propane fireplace in there! Want to make your family room a perfect spot for gathering on a cold winter’s day? A propane fireplace is just the ticket!

But if you do have a masonry fireplace already, adding a propane fireplace insert is a snap for our equipment professionals!

Not only does Kimlin Energy provide expert propane fireplace installation, we also provide reliable, safe propane delivery so you’ll always be able to have a fire in your fireplace whenever you want it!

Things To Consider When Adding A Propane Fireplace

What kind of venting you want: There are three common venting options: direct, natural, and vent-free. The one that right for your home will depend on conditions in your home, local fire and safety requirements, and your budget.

The space needed: The size of a gas fireplace will often determine how much heat it can produce. You’ll need to know how much space you can spare for a fireplace – and how much heat you will need to warm the room. We will help you with both!

What’s your style? There are many trim features and options available for your fireplace. Whether you want rustic, modern farmhouse, Victorian, country, Craftsman, contemporary, there’s a propane fireplace perfectly suited for your home’s design and style. And we also offer gas logs in a wide range of realistic wood designs to choose from!

Contact us to learn more about adding a propane fireplace to your home!