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The factors that contribute to propane prices in Hudson Valley, NY

propane prices in hudson valleyIf you review a year’s worth of statements for your propane delivery from Kimlin Energy, you may notice that the price you are paying for propane can go up and down over that time.

Propane pricing isn’t just based on one thing. It’s much more complicated than that.

Propane is refined from commodities that are traded in the global market. Natural gas makes up about 70%, followed by crude oil. Because of that, the price of propane can fluctuate depending on unforeseen factors.

Some of the factors that influence propane prices include:

All of these factors together make propane pricing highly unpredictable, which is why prices can vary considerably and change quickly.

How Kimlin Energy provides security for your propane supply

At Kimlin Energy, we do our best to keep our propane prices as low as possible. One way we do that is by ensuring a reliable supply of propane, so we are not caught short and need to buy a lot of propane when prices are higher. Here are some of the ways that we do this:

If you ever find yourself struggling to pay your Kimlin Energy bill for whatever reason, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us quickly so we can help you come up with a solution. New York also has low-income energy assistance (LIHEAP) programs. Don’t let fear or pride stop you from making sure you and your family are warm, safe and comfortable.