Should I Prebuy the Fuel for My Home?

Written on: September 6, 2021

Get More Control Over Your Home Heating Costs This Winter

fuel payment account new yorkIt seems like everything these days costs more. Food, gasoline, clothing, household supplies, and so many other things are more expensive.

Those price increases make it hard to keep to a household budget. But Kimlin Energy has pricing and payment options that help you take control of your heating oil and propane costs. That’s especially important as we approach this coming winter.

One option we offer is PreBuy, which lets you purchase your propane or heating oil before the heating season begins, with a predetermined price per gallon. Enrollment is going on now for PreBuy, but time is limited.

Why Prebuy Makes Fiscal Sense

The cost of propane and heating oil is highly variable throughout the year. Supply and demand are two primary drivers of price changes, but other elements may have a significant influence on your bottom line at any given moment.

Fuel prices may go up or down unpredictably as a result of geopolitical tensions or natural disasters such as hurricanes and ice storms.

But when you are a PreBuy customer, your price per gallon, regardless of what happens with propane costs this season, will not change.

This not only assures you of a secure heating oil and propane price, but it also allows you to purchase your fuel when prices are typically at their lowest.

Other Options for Controlling Fuel Costs

If you don’t want to buy your entire heating season supply of propane or heating oil now, we offer Price Cap. Your price for propane or heating oil will be set for the season, and it won’t go above that price no matter what happens to fuel costs over the winter.

Our EZ Pay Advantage budget plan lets you spread your fuel costs over 12 even, easy monthly payments. You won’t have big spikes in your bill in the winter anymore!

We also make it easy for you to manage your Kimlin Energy account. Set up an online account to review statements, pay bills, and more any time of day or night. Autopay makes paying your bill worry-free, as your payment is automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card each month.

The deadline for enrollment in PreBuy is coming soon! Contact us to learn more about and sign up for PreBuy.