How EZ Pay Advantage And Prebuy Make Life Easier

Written on: May 3, 2021

Take Control Of Your Fuel Costs

energy bill new yorkThere has been plenty of uncertainty in the past year or so. Being able to get something under control helps make that uncertainty easier to handle.

Kimlin Energy can help with that. Our pricing and payment options for propane and heating oil let you decide how you want to manage your fuel costs.

EZ Pay: No Surprises

Get out your Kimlin Energy statements for the last year and look them over. You’ll probably notice that your fuel usage goes up and down over the course of a year. That means how much you’ll have to pay each month goes up and down.

Fuel costs tend to be the highest during winter, right when you’re dealing with holiday bills and facing tax time.

EZ Pay eliminates that uncertainty. We take your heating oil and propane costs and spread them out evenly over 12 easy monthly payments. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay, making planning your household budget and spending easier.

Prebuy: Stability

Both heating oil and propane prices can go up and down on a dime. Supply and demand is a major factor, of course. But other factors can have a sudden impact on how much you’ll pay to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Geopolitical conflicts can make the fuel markets go up and down. Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which dealt a major blow to oil production in Houston, can cause effects that linger for months. Then there are other events, like the container ship Evergreen getting stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking oil ships on both sides from getting through.

Prebuy gets you off the fuel price roller coaster. You get to buy your propane or heating oil before the heating season, at an agreed-upon cost per gallon. No matter what happens in the markets, you don’t have to worry.

Not only does this give you security in your fuel costs, but you also buy at the time of year when fuel costs are often at their lowest.

Have questions about our pricing and payment options? Contact us today to learn more.