Outdoor Living with Propane!

Written on: May 1, 2023

Make your back yard a destination for fun and relaxation

propane appliances Rhinebeck, ny With warmer weather finally here in the Hudson Valley, we are spending more time outdoors.

If you are looking to improve your back yard, outdoor propane appliances are a great place to start! With reliable propane delivery and propane tank leasing from Kimlin Energy, you can create the back yard of your dreams.

Check out some of the ways outdoor propane appliances can make your back yard better.

Fast grilling with delicious results

Propane grills make it easy and quick for you to cook out. There’s no need to worry about the wait, hassle, and messiness of charcoal grilling! Whether you want a fast dinner during the week or burgers and dogs for a pool party, propane grills have got your back.

Create a dream outdoor kitchen by connecting your grill to your home’s propane tank.

Enjoy a nice dip

With propane pool and spa heaters, you can enjoy a wonderfully warm dip in your pool or hot tub much faster than with electric models. Not only will this save you money on energy costs, but it also makes it easier to use your pool or hot tub more often!

Light up the night

Searching for an elegant, comforting atmosphere to your outdoors? Look no further than propane gas lighting! Propane-powered outdoor light fixtures are attractive and will enhance any home style from country cottages to elaborate mansions. You’ll find the enticing glow of these lights brings a nostalgic charm both in your front yard and back yard.

Gather with loved ones

Invite family and friends to bask in the tranquil surroundings of a propane fireplace or firepit. After spending the day working hard, you can recline and unwind in front of one for some relaxation. With propane patio heaters and deck heaters, you can still enjoy being outdoors even if there’s a nip in the air!

Banish the bugs

Nothing can beat the joy of a relaxing day in your own backyard, but pesky mosquitos have always been an issue. Fortunately, propane-powered mosquito traps are here to make sure you can enjoy your back yard without bites! These efficient devices lure and trap mosquitoes quickly and effectively so that you don’t even have to think twice about those bloodsucking bugs ruining your outdoor fun.

Propane cylinder safety tips

Propane cylinders are an easy and practical way to power your grill, firepit, or other outdoor devices. Nevertheless, before using them it is vital to follow important safety measures when transporting as well as using propane cylinders.

Propane cylinders should never be stored inside or in enclosed or covered areas such as garages, sheds, carports, or sunporches.

For optimal safety and longevity, store propane cylinders in a dry outdoor area that is sheltered from the sun. To prevent rusting, place them off the ground. Keeping propane cylinders on the floor could lead to rust over time.

To ensure safety, propane cylinders must be stored far away from any flames or ignition sources, including your grill.

To protect and keep your propane cylinders safe, don’t forget to always store them upright when you take them for a refill. Even if the cylinder appears empty, gas may still be present that could cause a dangerous leak if placed on its side. Furthermore, avoid leaving any of these tanks in your car during extended periods of time—especially during hot weather—and make your cylinder refill or exchange station your last stop before heading back home after running errands.

Kimlin Energy has the reliable propane service that lets you enhance your home inside and out. Become a customer today!