Want a More Predictable Propane Bill? Here’s How

Written on: August 9, 2021

fuel delivery options new yorkMost of us would welcome a little predictability in these rollercoaster times. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of one of our two price protection programs, which are designed to make paying for your propane and heating oil deliveries more manageable and less stressful in 2021/22.

Here are the basics on two great ways to simplify your fuel bill paying – and perhaps save some money along the way.

Price Protection: Save Money, Get More Peace of Mind

Last winter, our price protection customers saved significantly when prices rose over the course of the year. With fuel costs still trending upward, we want to encourage you to protect your price for the coming heating season. Contact Kimlin now before prices get any higher!

You can:

Simplify Even More With EZ Pay Advantage

Besides price protection, many customers take control of their winter heating expenses in another way—with our EZ Pay Advantage budget plan. With EZ Pay, we’ll spread out your propane or heating oil costs over 12 even, monthly payments. You’ll know how much your heating fuel bill will be each month, which makes planning your household budget much easier. There is no cost to enroll, no finance charges, and no fees for this service.

Make 2021/22 a little more predictable with Price Protection programs from Kimlin Energy Services. Contact us today to learn more about reliable propane and heating oil deliveries in Ulster County, NY!