How To Make The Switch To Propane

Written on: August 24, 2020

Kimlin Energy can help you enjoy all that propane has to offer!

Switch to Propane new york

So many of your neighbors here in the Hudson Valley have made the switch from heating oil to propane for their homes.

What do they know that prompted them to make this choice? They know all that propane can do to improve the quality of life in their home. And many of them know that Kimlin Energy is the one to call to make switching to propane easy!

The advantages of propane

Propane is great for heating your home, as it provides even, comfortable heating with outstanding energy efficiency. But that’s only the beginning of what propane can do for you!

Enjoy the precise, instant temperature control you get from cooking, baking, and roasting with a propane range.

Make laundry day easier with a propane clothes dryer that gets your clothes dry faster and with fewer wrinkles.

Get fast, efficient water heating. And if you choose a tankless propane water heater, you’ll have endless hot water on-demand.

Outdoors, propane can run your pool and spa heaters, deck and patio heaters, and outdoor lighting. We can even run a gas line to your grill so you never have to worry about how much propane is in your cylinder.

The Kimlin Energy difference

For almost 40 years and three generations, Kimlin Energy has been serving homes and businesses with fuel and equipment services. Our roots here are deep, and we are committed to providing our customers with respectful, honest service.

That commitment extends to helping you with the switch to propane. We understand that this is a big decision and an investment in your home. We will give you an honest, objective, fact-driven analysis of your home and your family’s needs to help you decide whether converting to propane is right for you.

Some of the things we will discuss with you in our analysis include:

When you decide that switching to propane is right for you, we get to work on the conversion process. That includes choosing the right size propane tank for your needs based on what you’ll be using propane for, installing the tank, running the lines into your home, and installing your new propane heating system and other propane appliances.

And once you’ve made the switch to propane, you’ll get our dependable propane delivery!

Ready to switch to propane? Contact us to get started!