Keep A Full Oil Tank Over Spring and Summer

Written on: April 18, 2022

Get peace of mind in two ways

oil tank service new yorkWe’re all eagerly anticipating the return of warmer weather and all of it that comes with it, comfortable outdoor dining, hiking, going for a drive, etc. But don’t forget to have Kimlin Energy fill your heating oil tank before then!

You may be wondering why we would suggest you do this, as you won’t be using your oil-fired heating system again until fall. There are two excellent reasons we recommend that your heating oil tank should be kept at least half-full during warmer months.

Protect your heating oil tank

One reason a full heating oil tank in spring and summer is a good idea is condensation, which forms in the empty space in your heating oil tank. The warm or hot days and cool nights of spring and summer allow condensation buildup to accelerate inside your tank. Aboveground tanks that are outdoors and in an unshaded area are most vulnerable to condensation.

When moisture collects on the exposed walls of your heating oil tank, it is known as condensation. Water is heavier than heating oil. The condensation will travel down and settle at the bottom of the tank, creating a perfect environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to develop. Those end up as sediment, which can lead to a variety of problems with your heating oil tank.

Sediment can cause sludge to form, which may obstruct fuel lines and prevent your heating system from operating. Sediment may cause corrosion on the inside of your heating oil tank. This corrosion can eventually lead to the tank’s failure. You’ll also have to pay for the cleanup of leaked heating oil on top of replacing of your heating oil tank as a result.

By keeping your heating oil tank full over the spring and summer, condensation doesn’t get a chance to form. Preventing condensation and the results of it help extend the life of your heating oil tank.

Be ready whenever you need heat

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Hudson Valley, you know that early-fall cold spells are common. When you fill your heating oil tank now, you’ll be prepared no matter when the cold weather sets in, because you’ll know it has enough fuel to get you through. No need to worry about needing an emergency heating oil delivery!

You won’t have to try and beat the rush in the fall and have to wait on a delivery, either.

Spring is also the time to sign up for our worry-free Automatic Delivery. We monitor your heating oil usage and schedule a delivery to your house before you run low.