Installing Temporary Heating: Logistics & Challenges

Written on: November 15, 2021

Keep your construction project moving forward

temporary heat new yorkThe average high temperature in January here in the Hudson Valley is 35˚ Fahrenheit. The average low temperature for January is 16˚. And those are just the averages. Cold snaps can easily send the thermometer into the single digits or below zero.

Winter weather may be extremely harsh for people working on unheated construction or repair sites. That cold is not just dangerous, but it’s difficult for your staff to work in because the cold affects materials and tasks. Here are a few examples.

There is a solution to these problems: temporary construction heating services from Kimlin Energy!

What Temporary Heating Looks Like

Our commercial propane experts will thoroughly go over the scope of your project, and your needs, and give you a FREE quote for propane delivery, tanks, and temporary heating equipment such as heaters, lines, hoses, and regulators.

We specialize in propane delivery and service to building and remodeling firms like yours, having decades of expertise, and we’ll handle all the logistics of getting your temporary heating needs met.

Kimlin Energy offers on-call and next-day service, so you know you’ll always have the propane and temporary heating supplies you need to keep your project moving forward without costly delays.

Propane-powered temporary heating equipment, when used correctly, is both safe and cost-effective for keeping jobsites and workers warm and projects on track. We are committed to propane safety and will make sure you get the information you need to keep your project safe. Here are some guidelines.

Put the knowledge and experience of Kimlin Energy to work on your construction or renovation site this winter. Contact us for more information about our temporary heating services.