How Much Propane Do I Need?

Written on: September 18, 2023

You’ll never run out of propane with Automatic Delivery from Kimlin Energy!

propane delivery Dutchess county, ny If you are new to propane in your Hudson Valley home, you may be wondering how much propane it needs.

Kimlin Energy is here to help! We are the Hudson Valley’s leader in reliable propane delivery as well as propane tank installation and leasing, and propane equipment installation and service.

We’ve put together some information that will help you gain a better understanding of propane usage and how our Automatic Delivery makes life easier.

Propane usage facts and figures

How much propane will you use over the course of a year? It depends.

Several factors contribute to your annual propane consumption, such as the size and number of appliances, your preferences for home heating and water heating, the size and insulation of your home, the severity of the winter, and more.

However, it is useful to have a reference point for “typical” propane usage when it comes to estimating how much propane your home will use. To assist you in estimating your propane consumption at home, here is a concise guide that provides a sense of how much propane you might use.

Application Average propane use
Whole-house heating 800 -1200 gallons (Based on a 2,200-square-foot home)
Cooking only 50 gallons
Cooking and clothes drying 50 – 100 gallons
Water heating 300 – 400 gallons
Pool and spa heating Varies based on heating preference, pool size, weather, etc.

Automatic Delivery: The ultimate in peace of mind

Your life is busy, managing your home, your family, your work, and other interests. Managing your home’s propane supply is another important task.

Kimlin Energy’s Automatic Delivery option takes that task off your to-do list! You no longer need to go outside in the cold or wet to check your propane tank gauge levels or contact us when you need more propane. And you are set free from the worry over forgetting to do one or both of those tasks and needing an emergency propane delivery. That comes with added expense and hassle, as you are responsible for not only the added cost of an emergency delivery, but also for the costs of a mandated propane tank pressure test and a professional service technician re-lighting the pilots on all your home’s propane appliances.

Our computer algorithms analyze your propane usage history, along with current temperature and weather patterns, to accurately predict when your propane tank will reach 30% capacity. Using this data, we schedule a convenient delivery time for you, ensuring you never run out of gas. You can sit back and relax, as we take care of everything!

To ensure accurate calculation of your Automatic Delivery service, we rely on your propane usage history. It is crucial that you inform us of any factors that might affect your propane needs. For instance, if you frequently travel or extend your trips, experience changes in household occupancy, or introduce new propane appliances. Your cooperation will enable us to provide the best possible service tailored to your requirements.

With dependable propane delivery and service from Kimlin Energy, you can enjoy all the comfort, efficiency, and amenities propane has to offer your Hudson Valley home! Become a customer today.