What is the Efficiency Rating of Furnaces & Boilers?

Written on: November 8, 2021

Get the most bang for your energy buck!

AFUE rating new yorkIf you’re replacing your home’s furnace or boiler, now is a great time to do it. The coming winter is forecast to be colder than normal here in the Hudson Valley, so an upgraded heating system will not only make your home comfortably but could help you save on heating costs if you pick the right one.

Kimlin Energy is here to help with sales and expert installation of top-quality heating systems. We’ll walk you through the whole process to make sure you get the most efficient heating system for your home. That starts with the AFUE.

AFUE is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It’s a way to compare the performance of one heating system to another. AFUE works like the MPG rating for cars. A higher AFUE rating, the more efficient your home’s furnace or boiler is.

The AFUE number measures how much propane, heating oil, or other fuel is consumed by your heating system in comparison to the amount of heat it produces over a heating season.

Here’s an example: If your furnace or boiler has an AFUE rating of 80, that means it converts approximately 85% of the fuel was converted to heat. The remaining 15% was lost in the conversion process.

What the AFUE of 85 indicates is that for each dollar you spend on heating oil or propane, 85 cents went directly into heating your home. Not bad, but you can do better. If you go for a high-efficiency heating system, the AFUE rating may rise to 95% (or higher!). This can make a significant impact on your monthly heating expenditures!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, these are the common AFUE ratings for heating systems. Keep in mind, the minimum AFUE standard for new heating systems is 80.

Low-efficiency: 56% – 70%. These are common in older, outdated heating systems.

Mid-efficiency: 80% – 85%. These can be both new and older heating systems, including many from the early to mid-2000’s.

High-efficiency: 90% – 98.5%. These ratings are mostly found in newer heating systems on the present-day market.

By the way, if you want to know what your current heating system’s AFUE rating is, look on the faceplate. The rating is usually there.

More to efficiency than the AFUE

The AFUE rating of your home’s heating system will vary considerably, depending not only on the age and model of the system, but also on how well it has been maintained.
Besides maintenance, your furnace or boiler’s efficiency can be influenced by other factors, such as:

Your heating system’s efficiency, and the amount you spend on a new heating system, are why you should entrust Kimlin Energy to install, maintain, and repair it. And we offer service plans to make maintenance easier and more affordable!

You can count on Kimlin Energy not only for expert equipment service, but for reliable heating oil and propane delivery as well. Become a customer today so you’re sure to stay warm all winter!