Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter?

Written on: September 12, 2022

Kimlin Energy is here to help!

heating tune up new yorkAs summer turns to fall, temperatures here in the Hudson Valley continue to cool. Soon, it will be time to turn on your home’s furnace or boiler.

Now is the time to make sure your heating system is up for the job of keeping your home warm, safe, and comfortable through the coming winter by getting its annual maintenance tune-up from the skilled, experienced service technicians at Kimlin Energy!

Because so many people wait until the last minute for their tune-up, getting yours done now is easier as our schedule is more open. Whenever the first cold snap comes, you’ll have peace of mind that your furnace or boiler is ready to go!

Benefits of heating system maintenance

Having a professional service technician tune up your furnace or boiler every year has four distinct benefits.

Prevent breakdowns. Did you know that regular maintenance on your heating system can prevent big repair bills? in fact, four out of five jobs we do could have been avoided. By having our team tune up your furnace or boiler, you’re not only keeping your system running smoothly, but also giving us an opportunity to do a full inspection. They can identify potential problems and fix them before they develop into bigger issues, thus avoiding an unexpected breakdown or costly repairs.

Keep your heating system energy efficient. Regular professional maintenance of your boiler or furnace will result in it operating at its maximum energy efficiency. By your heating system being more efficient, you could save at least 10% on your heating bill. When you consider that heating and cooling make up roughly half of your home’s energy expenses, you see that the savings can be substantial!

Keep your heating system longer. Heating systems that are properly maintained have a longer life expectancy than those that aren’t. As a result, you won’t have to replace your heating system as soon, giving you a higher return on your investment.

Maintain the warranty. Professional servicing of your heating system is required yearly by most manufacturers to keep your warranty intact. Without the tune-ups, you may be responsible for future expensive repairs because of a voided warranty.

Service plans protect your heating system, and your wallet

With inflation making everything more expensive this year, now is not the time for big repair bills. Kimlin Energy’s Preferred Oil & Propane Service Plans help protect you from those.

An annual maintenance tune-up is included in every one of our service plans. That’s not all! You also get a 20% discount on repairs, which are always done using the latest diagnostic equipment and with new parts, not reconditioned.

Here’s what else you get with a Preferred Oil & Propane Service Plan:

Don’t delay on your heating system tune-up! Contact Kimlin Energy today to schedule it and enroll in our Preferred Oil & Propane Service Plan!