Why Does My Heating Oil Tank Have Sludge?

Written on: August 7, 2023

Tips to keep sludge from damaging your oil tank and heating system

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Heating system problems often happen due to sludge in the heating oil tank. Sludge is a mix of dirt, rust, and old fuel that looks thick and dark. It can clog filters, making your heating system work harder to produce heat, resulting in lower efficiency and higher energy expenses.

If you don’t take care of sludge buildup in your heating system, it can cause blockages and reduce its efficiency. Eventually, it might even block the furnace or boiler supply line, which could cause your heating system to stop working and leave you without heat. It can be costly to repair.

Heating oil sludge also causes problems for your heating oil tank. Accumulated sludge in your heating oil tank can lead to corrosion and tank failure, resulting in expensive emergency tank replacements and the need for remediation of any spilled heating oil.

What causes heating oil sludge?

During the spring and summer, if you don’t fill your heating oil tank completely, moisture may condense on the exposed inner wall of the tank. This denser water will then move down to the tank’s bottom. Eventually, bacteria and microorganisms will turn the water into sediment and sludge, causing corrosion in your tank.

For proper maintenance of your tank and to avoid expensive repairs, it’s advisable to engage a waste-oil contractor for safe and efficient sludge removal. The contractor will promptly drain your tank to enhance its performance.

Should I replace my heating oil tank?

Nothing lasts forever, including your heating oil tank. If you are concerned about your oil tank, Kimlin Energy offers expert oil tank replacement.

Today’s heating oil tanks are dramatically different than the ones installed just a few decades ago. Many modern tanks feature weld-free construction, double walls, an interior tank made of a composite material that does not rust, and anti-corrosive coatings.

How do I prevent heating oil sludge and the problems it causes?

Get an annual tune-up of your oil-fired heating system. Our service plans, which are reasonably priced, offer an annual maintenance check by our proficient and knowledgeable technicians at Kimlin Energy. They perform a thorough check to identify and address any problems related to sludge and prevent any future issues. Additionally, our service plans include discounts on parts and labor costs associated with heating system repairs.

Inspect your heating oil tank regularly. To avoid problems, be vigilant for signs of wear and tear on your aging heating oil tank such as rust, minor holes, or moisture on the exterior following an oil delivery. It’s advisable to arrange for tank replacement if it’s older than 20 years.

Keep your tank full year-round. To avoid condensation, we recommend scheduling a heating oil delivery in the spring. This will not only safeguard your tank but also eliminate concerns about the amount of heating oil available in case of an unexpected cold spell in the autumn.

With dependable heating oil delivery and heating oil tank installation and service, Kimlin Energy will help you keep your home warm and comfortable. Become a customer today!