Comfortable Construction: Temporary Heat In A Cold Climate

Written on: November 16, 2020

Keep the job going in safety and comfort with Kimlin Energy!

construction heating new york

If you’ve lived here in the Hudson Valley for any length of time, you know how brutally cold it can get here in the winter.

And if you’re in the construction business, you know the problems and dangers that can present on your projects.

But you don’t have to let Old Man Winter stop your construction projects cold. Instead, keep the jobs moving forward with safe, reliable temporary construction heating from Kimlin Energy!

What Temporary Heating Can Do For Your Construction Projects

The average low temperature in this area in January is 10˚ Fahrenheit. But it can easily dip below zero.

Those cold, sometimes frigid, temperatures create problems for a wide range of projects, both indoors and outside.

With temporary heat equipment, and the propane for it, from Kimlin Energy, you create a safer environment for workers, and a more productive environment for projects to be done. Temporary heating also helps protect property.

Here’s how temporary heat helps you get the job done.

The Kimlin Energy Difference

Kimlin Energy has the knowledge and experience that comes with working with area businesses for almost 40 years. We put that knowledge and experience to work for you on your temporary heating needs.

We will thoroughly go over your project with you, what you need heating for, and the size of the spaces that need heating.

From there, we create a custom temporary heating plan to fit those needs.

Kimlin Energy is your one-stop shop for temporary heating. We have all of the equipment you need: heaters of all types and sizes, lines, hoses, and regulators. And you’ll also get the safe, reliable propane delivery and cylinder exchange services Kimlin Energy is known for. You get on-call and next-day service, so whatever you need at your jobsite, we can get it to you promptly.

Contact us to learn more about our temporary heat and other commercial services!