Comparing Gas Vs. Diesel Engines

Written on: December 14, 2020

What’s The Difference?

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Gasoline And Diesel Engine Facts

At first glance, gasoline and diesel engines look quite similar. They’re both combustion engines. They both turn the chemical energy in the fuel they use into mechanical energy. That mechanical energy is what moves the pistons inside the cylinders.

But there is a major difference. That difference is in how the combustion happens. Here is how the combustion process works for each type of engine.

Gasoline engine. The gasoline is mixed with air. Then it is compressed by pistons and ignited by sparks from the spark plugs.

Diesel engine. The air is compressed before the diesel fuel is injected. The heating of the air caused by the compression is what ignites the diesel fuel.

Diesel is used in all kinds of vehicles and equipment, from cars to commercial trucks and vans to buses and shuttles to generators. Diesel engines offer increased fuel efficiency, a longer lifespan, and lower operating costs.

Because diesel engines have more power and torque, they are better at carrying heavy loads than gasoline engines. That’s why diesel fuel is used in for tractor-trailer trucks and large construction equipment.

Gasoline often offers better performance for vehicles driven in cities or areas where there is a lot of stop-and-go driving.

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