Protect Your Fuel Prices With These Options!

Written on: July 18, 2022

Help control your heating costs this coming winter!

fuel cost options new yorkAs we all saw this past winter, rising fuel and energy costs can wreak havoc on household budgets already battered by increases in everything from food to gasoline for the car.

Customers who enrolled in one of Kimlin Energy’s price protection plans were able to get through the winter with lower fuel costs as well as more stability in their household spending.

You can enjoy that same security and peace of mind this coming heating season by enrolling now in one of our price protection plans for propane and heating oil.

What price protection plans are available?

You have choices when it comes to our price protection plans.

The first is Prebuy, which lets you buy your fuel ahead of the heating system. No matter how crazy the markets get, you won’t have to worry about it.

Customers who protected their price with our Prebuy plan last year before the fuel pricing soared saved a lot of money. This year, our Prebuy price will obviously be much higher now that energy costs remain high.

There is an alternative that can help protect your our Prebuy plan with Price Cap protects you against future increases while still allowing your price to fall if the market goes lower.

Rising prices and falling prices are both possibilities this year. That’s why we strongly recommend that you add a price cap to your Prebuy plan, so you have the most predictability possible.

What other ways can I control my fuel costs?

Fluctuating fuel pricing can make it hard to plan your monthly spending. Kimlin Energy offers a solution with our EZ Pay Advantage monthly payment plan!

We’ll use your propane and/or heating oil usage history to calculate how much fuel you’ll use in the year ahead. With that data, we spread your fuel costs over 12 even, affordable monthly payments. You won’t have to deal with huge spikes in your costs during heating season. Thanks to knowing how much you’ll be paying each month, it’s easier to craft a household spending budget!

Want even more security? Enroll in Autopay, where your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account. Your payment is on time all the time!

Our fuel prices change every day based on the market pricing. Get in touch with us today to get the current price and enroll in a price protection plan.