EZ Pay and Price Cap: A Perfect Pair!

Written on: May 2, 2022

Kimlin Energy helps you control your energy costs

fuel pricing new yorkAt Kimlin Energy, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for our Hudson Valley customers to manage their propane and heating oil costs. It’s why we have multiple pricing and payment options.

To continue that, we’re combining our EZ Pay budget plan and Price Cap, so you get the benefits of both price protection and stable monthly payments.

Benefits of EZ Pay

EZ Pay gives you the ability to plan your household spending because you know how much your propane and heating oil payment will be each month. We multiply your average annual fuel use by this year’s projected price and that figure is then divided into 12 lower, even monthly payments.

You could save more than 50% on your winter fuel payments! There are no more worries about a large propane or heating oil delivery bill at a time when you have other expenses like the holidays, taxes, or tuition payments.

EZ Pay does not affect how much propane or heating oil you use. You don’t burn more fuel than usual or get more frequent deliveries.

The most significant benefit is that your bills are more predictable and manageable at a time when fuel costs are rapidly fluctuating. Even if you get two deliveries one month when it’s extremely cold, you still just pay one monthly bill.  If, after our calculation, your real bills turn out to be a little greater or lower than we expected, we’ll make any adjustments as needed throughout the winter.

Benefits of Price Cap

As we have seen in the past several months, fuel costs can get really crazy, really fast. And those changes can wreak havoc on your propane and heating oil costs.

Price Cap takes away that craziness. When you enroll in Price Cap, you agree to pay a set price for your heating oil or propane. No matter what happens in the global markets, the price you pay per gallon remains the same. No spikes, no surprises.

Enrollment in Price Cap is done in the spring and summer, which is when heating oil and propane prices tend to be lower than they are during the heating season. This helps cut your fuel costs more!

Do you have questions or want to enroll in EZ Pay and Price Cap? Contact us today!