EZ Pay Advantage Budget Plan Works For You

Written on: July 27, 2020

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Take control of your fuel costs!

The challenging times can make us feel like there’s little we can control in our world.

That’s what makes the Kimlin Energy EZ Pay Advantage budget plans so great. They give you control of your propane and heating oil costs.

What is EZ Pay Advantage?

Look over your propane and/or heating oil statements for the past year or so. It’s easy to do, by the way, if you have a Kimlin Energy online account.

The first thing you’ll notice is that your bills go up and down depending on the time of year. Your highest bills are going to be in the winter, when you’re using propane or heating oil to keep your home here in the Hudson Valley warm, safe, and comfortable.

That’s a pretty inconvenient time for your highest fuel bills. Because that’s also the time of year when you have other expenses, like the holidays, snow removal costs, and taxes.

Your propane and/or heating oil costs going up and down like a yo-yo also make it harder for you to plan your monthly budget and stick to it. A sudden spike in fuel usage can throw it all into chaos.

But that’s the beauty of EZ Pay Advantage! We take your propane and/or heating oil costs and spread them out over 12 even, easy monthly payments. You’ll know what you’re paying each month, so you’ll have no surprises and no worries!

How Autopay Adds To Convenience

You can make paying your Kimlin Energy bill even easier by enrolling in Autopay. We’ll automatically deduct your payment each month from your checking account or credit card. Your payment will always be on time. And if your credit card has a points-based rewards program, your Kimlin Energy payments can help you earn those rewards faster!

Contact us to enroll in our EZ Pay Advantage budget plan!