Energy Saving Tips For Spring

Written on: June 6, 2022

Cut your energy costs while staying comfortable

save energy new yorkJust about everything costs more lately. If you’re feeling the pinch, you’re likely looking for ways to reduce your household expenses.

Cutting energy usage can go a big way towards reducing those expenses. We’ve put together some ways to stop energy costs from taking such a big bite out of your wallet this spring and as we head into summer. 

Get your air conditioning a tune-up

Did you know that in the summer, cooling accounts for almost half of your home’s energy consumption? Regular, expert maintenance keeps your central air conditioning units working at peak performance and reduce its energy usage by as much as 15%!

Add or upgrade propane appliances

Propane appliances use less energy and are more efficient than comparable electric appliances. A propane clothes dryer, for example, dries your laundry 25% faster than an electric dryer would. Propane pool and spa heaters are far more energy efficient than electric models and get the water warm exponentially faster as well. Adding more efficient propane appliances to your home will not just save money in the spring, but in summer, fall, and winter, too!

Dial down the water heater

You’re overpaying for water heating if your water heater is still set to the manufacturer’s setting of 140° Fahrenheit. Set the thermostat to 120˚ and cut your water heating energy costs by up to 10% without losing any comfort. This is also a safer temperature, as 140˚ water presents a scalding risk, especially for infants, children, and the elderly.

Keep your kitchen cool

When the weather gets warmer, cooking in your kitchen makes your house hotter as well, which causes your A/C to turn on more often. This raises your energy usage and costs. You can keep your kitchen and home cooler by taking your cooking outside to your propane grill! For indoor cooking, use small appliances like rice cookers, slow cookers, multicookers, and the microwave instead of turning on the stove to keep the kitchen from heating up.

Keep cool air indoors

Do you ever hear parents yell, “Close the door! I’m not air-conditioning the whole neighborhood!”? When it comes to warm air entering your home and forcing your A/C to work harder and more frequently, drafts in your house are the equivalent of leaving a window open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Caulk, weatherstripping, and expanding foam can be used to seal up those gaps. Spring is also a good time to add insulation to your home for year-round energy savings.

Upgrade your thermostat

If you’re still using a manual thermostat, upgrading to a smart or programmable thermostat can help you cut your cooling (and heating) costs by 10% or more if used properly. Here’s how to do it:

Cooling season: 

Heating season: 

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