Converting Your Home To Propane: 8 Benefits

Written on: November 9, 2020

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Get all these benefits with propane delivery from Kimlin Energy!

If you’re looking for a great energy source that makes life in your Hudson Valley home better, look no further than propane!

You may worry that converting your home to propane is hard, but Kimlin Energy makes it easy! We’re with you every step of the way, from helping you decide how you will be using propane in your home to propane tank and equipment installation to reliable, safe propane delivery.

Are you wondering if it’s worth it to convert your home to propane? Spoiler alert: It is!

The Many Perks Of Propane

We’ve put together eight ways that propane brings benefits to your home and your life there.


Propane provides far more BTUs per dollar than electricity. That means you can save money without giving up a bit of comfort or convenience. This efficiency can help lower your energy costs!


With propane, your energy supply for heating, cooking, water heating, and more is right there at your home in your propane tank. You’re not at the mercy of an electric or natural gas utility, and the outages they so often have.


Propane does way more than run your home’s furnace or boiler. It can also heat your water, cook your food, give you a work-free fire in your fireplace, warm up unheated spaces like sunporches and garages, and more! Our propane appliance experts can show you all that propane can do for your home, inside and out.

Environmental Friendliness

Half of all the electricity used in the United States is generated at coal-fired power plants. Think about all the emissions from coal being sent out from generating electricity. Because propane is so clean-burning, it produces almost zero emissions when running appliances or vehicles.


Propane heating systems can heat up to 140˚ Fahrenheit, while comparable electric ones can’t go over 100 ˚. Propane heating systems also get your home warm faster than electricity. Both of those make your home much more comfortable on a cold winter’s day. Propane water heaters get your water hot much faster than electric water heaters, and tankless propane water heaters let you have endless hot water whenever you need it.

Ease And Convenience

A propane range makes cooking a breeze, thanks to precise and instant temperature control that now electric range can offer. And propane ovens provide a moister heat, which helps keep roasts like your Thanksgiving turkey from drying out.

Make laundry day easier with a propane clothes dryer. They get your laundry dry 25% faster than a comparable electric dryer. And that’s just the beginning of what propane dryers do for you. They also cause less wear on your laundry and create fewer wrinkles. Who doesn’t love less ironing?


A propane whole-house backup generator is a reliable, safe way to keep the power on in your home for lights, heating and cooling, refrigerators, sump pumps, home security system, electronics, home medical equipment, and more.

A Better Back Yard

You know that propane grills are great. But there’s so much more propane can do for outdoor living. Propane deck and patio heaters let you enjoy your back yard longer and later. A propane firepit creates a cozy spot to relax or gather with loved ones. Propane pool and spa heaters give you a longer swimming and soaking season.

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