Common Furnace Problems

Written on: November 7, 2022

Trust Kimlin Energy to take good care of your furnace!

furnace repair new york There’s been some lovely fall weather lately here in the Hudson Valley, but each day brings us closer to a winter that is forecast to be colder and snowier than normal.

Kimlin Energy is here to make sure that your furnace is up to the task of keeping your home warm, safe, and comfortable this winter with our expert furnace installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also like to make sure our customers are informed about how their furnace operates and offer tips that may be able to help solve common furnace problems without the expense of a furnace repair call.

The furnace won’t produce heat

It’s perfectly normal to worry if your furnace isn’t providing any heat to your home. But don’t panic. There may be a simple solution that will swiftly have the heat back in your home.

First, go to your thermostat and check that it’s on and set to “Heat.” If it is, turn the thermostat up at least five degrees from the current temperature in your house. If the furnace doesn’t kick on, go to your home’s circuit breaker, and see if the circuit for the furnace was tripped. If it was, turn it back on and see what happens. If the furnace still isn’t producing heat, contact us for a service call.

The furnace won’t produce enough heat

If your furnace is running but not really getting the house warm, the problem may be your air filter. A dirty, clogged air filter is a common culprit when it comes to poor furnace performance. Check it and change if needed.

From now on, check your furnace’s air filter once a month and change it when it’s dirty. Do this more frequently if you have pets, as dander and fur can accumulate in the filter.

The furnace turns on and off frequently

Your furnace cycling on and off a lot is another problem where a dirty air filter may be behind the issue. If your air filter is clean, this indicates a problem with the blower. Contact us for a service call.

By the way, another indication that there’s a problem with the blower is if it keeps running even if the air is at your set temperature.

The heat in the house isn’t even

Uneven heating in rooms or your home may be a simple problem to solve. Go around your home and check the vents. Make sure that they are open. Then, check for any obstacles such as draperies, furniture, and other objects that are blocking the heated air from freely circulating. Move those and see if that helps.

Wanting to avoid big repair bills

This one is an easy problem to solve! Kimlin Energy offers affordable service plans for your furnace that protect your wallet in multiple ways.

Each of our service plans includes an annual maintenance tune-up for your furnace. Our skilled and experienced service technicians will thoroughly clean and tune-up your furnace so that it runs smoothly and at its best efficiency this winter. During the tune-up, the service technicians are able to spot and fix problems before they get worse and reduce your furnace’s efficiency and performance or, worse, cause a breakdown. This saves you from potentially big repair costs.

Another way service plans protect you is that they include a guaranteed 20% discount on repairs. We show up with a fully-stocked repair truck. Those repairs, which only are done with new parts and professional testing equipment, are covered by a one-year warranty. You also get priority 24/7 no-heat emergency service.

Kimlin Energy provides expert furnace services. Contact us if your furnace needs repair. Don’t forget to ask about our service plans!