Owning vs. Leasing a Propane Tank

Written on: September 13, 2021

Here’s what you need to know

buying propane tank new yorkAre you in the market for a propane tank for your Hudson Valley home. There are a few reasons why that may be the case.

If you’ve recently purchased a new house and the sellers leased their propane tank from their propane supplier, all you need to do is establish a lease with them if you want to utilize them for your propane delivery.

However, if you wish to switch propane companies, you must replace the tank. Because no propane delivery company will refill leased tanks from another company.

Whatever the case may be, you have options to consider. Kimlin Energy is here to assist you!

What makes propane tank leasing a good choice?

It’s easy to switch propane suppliers if you own your tank. Do you want to change companies because you’re dissatisfied with the service or seek better prices? Because you control your propane tank, switching companies is simple.

When you own your propane tank, however, upfront expenses are usually higher and responsibility for maintenance and repairs is solely yours.

If you need to replace a leased tank because you want to switch providers, or if your present propane tank is unsafe or no longer big enough to meet your needs, you’ll have to buy and install a new one. Costs for that go into the thousands of dollars. Then there are the continuing expenditures over time for maintenance and repairs.

Take all the hassle and cost out of owning a propane tank by leasing one from Kimlin Energy!

We’ll take care of the maintenance, repairs, and propane delivery for you when you lease your propane tank from us.

Before we install your propane tank, we’ll verify that it is suitable for your requirements. We will thoroughly go over factors like your home’s size, how you use propane, what propane appliances you currently have and if you plan to add more to your home in the future. That information will ensure we choose the right size for your home.

Get worry-free propane tank leasing from Kimlin Energy. Contact us today to learn more!