Is It Better To Buy or Lease a Propane Tank?

Written on: August 1, 2022

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propane tank options new yorkAre you in the market for a new propane tank? There are several reasons you could be.
If you’re buying a new house, the tank may have been leased by the previous owner. If you want them to take care of your gas delivery, you can contract with them for a propane tank lease. However, if you want to switch from one propane delivery company to another, you’ll have a problem. No propane service will fill a tank leased by another business.

Perhaps you’ve just finished adding an extension onto your home or completed a sunroom or attic in your space. Adding gas appliances like a fireplace or range to your property increases the amount of propane consumed. All of these could necessitate a larger tank.

Whatever the reason, you have to make a choice: should you lease or purchase your propane tank?

With Kimlin Energy, you get a quality propane tank and an affordable leasing price. What won’t you get? Hassle and expense!

What makes propane tank leasing the right choice?

The flexibility to select your own propane delivery business is a significant benefit of owning your propane tank. It’s simple to switch providers if you receive poor service or the rates are exorbitant.

That freedom, however, comes with a lot of responsibility. When you own your propane tank, you are solely responsible for it. You are responsible for the cost of maintenance, repairs, fees, and safety inspections.

If your current propane tank is old, damaged, or no longer big enough to meet your propane requirements, opting to buy a new one entails a significant number of initial costs. It can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install a new propane tank, on top of the costs we mentioned earlier over the years.
Propane tank leasing from Kimlin Energy is not only cost-effective but also work-free and worry-free!

We take care of all maintenance and repairs. Before we install your new propane tank, we’ll ensure that you get the appropriate size for your property and your propane needs.

Our professional, trained specialists will install your propane tank to the highest safety standards and keep it safe and functioning for years to come.

Make having propane in your home a piece of cake with affordable propane tank leasing from Kimlin Energy! Become a customer today.