Service Plans Protect You From Big Repair Bills

Written on: September 7, 2022

Take good care of your equipment!

equipment service new yorkWith Labor Day over, the beginning of Fall is getting closer. As we swap our lemonades for pumpkin spice lattes and our t-shirts for flannel shirts, now is the time to begin thinking about keeping our Hudson Valley homes warm, safe, and comfortable this winter.

The best way that you can do that is with an affordable service plan from Kimlin Energy!

Our service plans protect you by keeping your home’s furnace or boiler in tip-top shape and provides discounts in the event that you need repairs. You’ll have peace of mind that your heating system will be taken care of by Kimlin Energy’s team of skilled, experienced service technicians.

What do you get with a Kimlin Energy service plan?

You get a lot!

For starters, every one of our Preferred Oil & Propane service plans include an annual maintenance tune-up for your furnace or boiler. This keeps your heating system running at its best possible efficiency, which keeps your energy costs down. It also allows our service technicians to detect and fix problems before they get worse, preventing breakdowns and reduced efficiency.

You also save on repairs with our Preferred plan’s guaranteed 20% discount on repairs. Those savings on repairs can really make a difference! Here are the national average repair costs for heating systems:

Furnace repair: $308

Boiler repair: $401

Service plan customers get 24/7 priority service in no-heat emergencies. If you lose heat before noon, we promise same-day service.

We provide quality maintenance and repair services, using ONLY new parts for repairs and professional testing equipment to inspect your heating system. Because we keep our vehicles fully stocked, we can fix most problems in one visit!

The first and last appointment times each day are reserved for service plan customers’ scheduled maintenance.

Now is the time to get your heating system tune-up

When the weather begins to cool and get chilly, our service department gets busier.

That’s because so many of your neighbors postpone getting a tune-up until the last minute. A full schedule for us implies that you may have to wait longer to get your heating system its tune-up.

If you book your heating system service now, when we’re less busy, our service technicians will be there sooner and at a time that is convenient for you.

Our skilled service techs will thoroughly inspect your house’s heating system, clean and lubricate components, and if repairs are required, they can be accomplished more quickly and easily because our schedule isn’t as crowded in late summer.

If winter comes early this year, as it has been known to do here in the Hudson Valley, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. While everyone else is scrambling to schedule a tune-up for their furnace or boiler, you can take it easy knowing your heating system will already be running smoothly and efficiently from the first time you turn it on.

Do you have questions about Kimlin Energy’s service plans? Get in touch with us to learn more about them and enroll!