Automatic Delivery Is The Answer To An Empty Tank

Written on: October 5, 2020

Automatic Delivery new york

Stop risking a run-out!

Our lives are pretty busy these days. In addition to the regular demands of work and life, many of us are also dealing with working remotely and remote learning for our children.

That full plate means some tasks get forgotten. And if one of those forgotten tasks is contacting Kimlin Energy to schedule a propane or heating oil delivery, that can lead to some big trouble for you!

What happens in a run-out?

If you run out of propane or heating oil, you’re going to be shelling out for an emergency delivery (something we offer to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year). Then there are more costs.

With propane, you will have to pay for a pressure test of your propane system, something that is required any time your propane system is interrupted for any reason. A professional service technician will also have to relight the pilots on all of your propane appliances.

With heating oil, you may be creating problems for your heating system as sludge, which can clog up and damage your heating system, gets sucked into your fuel lines. That could lead to some expensive repairs down the road!

Another risk is that you have a run-out in the middle of a visit from the Polar Vortex. The longer your home is without heat, the more at risk you are for freezing and bursting pipes. That could have you facing some mammoth repair bills.

Don’t let procrastination or too many things to do cause the hassle and expense of a run-out of propane or heating oil. The solution is easy: enroll in Automatic Delivery!

How does Automatic Delivery work?

Automatic Delivery is simple. We use the latest technology to monitor your home’s propane or heating oil usage. That information, factored with current weather conditions, lets us accurately predict when you will need a heating oil or propane delivery. We then schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

With Kimlin Energy, you get Automatic Delivery for FREE! Why? Because it allows us to more efficiently schedule our deliveries, allowing us to serve more customers and be there for any who have an emergency.

Contact us today to enroll in Automatic Delivery!