What Are the Advantages of Fleet Fueling?

Written on: April 17, 2023

Kimlin Energy helps keep your fleet on the road!

fleet fueling Kingston, ny Does your business use on-road vehicles? If so, you know that managing their fueling and the costs of it can seem like a full-time job.

Kimlin Energy offers fleet fueling services for your Hudson Valley business to help you and your employees be more efficient on the job so you can focus on growing your business.

We provide onside fueling of not only on-road diesel and off-road diesel, but gasoline as well.

You can be assured that the fuel going into your vehicles is of the highest quality. Ignite™ and Ignite50™, our premium diesel fuels, provide the best quality around. They contain exclusive detergents that maintain your engine’s components clean and running at optimal performance levels. Additionally, all our gasoline meets or exceeds industry standards for excellence.

If you need extra fuel storage at your business or job site, we can help with that as well, providing provide tank loans and rentals. We always have permanent and temporary storage tanks in stock.

Put Kimlin Energy fleet fueling to work for your business

At Kimlin Energy, our fleet fueling services not only streamline and simplify your refueling process but also provide numerous advantages to you and your Hudson Valley operations.

Improved fuel management – Kimlin Energy provides you with the opportunity to accurately track and control all your fleet’s fuel consumption. By gaining insight into usage habits, it will be easier than ever to plan ahead and manage your fuel budget competently. Having such knowledge at hand means increased cost savings, better optimization of resources, and greater overall efficiency for your business.

Greater efficiency – Maximize the efficiency of your business by taking advantage of our convenient onsite fueling services. Your drivers can stay on the road and avoid time-consuming trips to filling stations, also eliminating the need for organizing and submitting receipts. You and your staff will no longer have to stress over managing fuel card accounts or dealing with those pesky receipts! Your drivers are able to maximize their productivity while you gain more freedom to strategize innovative ways in which you can expand operations to grow your business.

Reduced fuel theft – Unfortunately, employees may take advantage of fuel cards or allowances and cause unwanted losses in your business’s fueling expenses. Kimlin Energy provides fleet fueling services that make it simple for you to keep track of where your company’s money is going when it comes to fuel costs. With our help, you can ensure you are not subjecting yourself to costly theft!

Reduced wear on vehicles – Whenever drivers must leave their prescribed routes to refuel, they add mileage on their vehicles. Those few miles might seem insignificant, but when you expand the perspective to consider your entire fleet and how often off-site refueling is necessary, it’s simple to see how those small trips can accumulate – and not in a positive direction. Excessive mileage can wreak havoc on your car’s parts, leading to expensive repairs and a shortened lifespan. Fortunately, with on-site fleet fueling options, you can reduce these issues while maximizing the life of your vehicles!

Get reliable fleet fueling services at a competitive price! Contact Kimlin Energy today for a consultation.