Appliance Spotlight: Propane Fireplaces

December 7, 2020

Add Cozy Comfort To Your Home With A Propane Fireplace From Kimlin Energy!There are a lot of great things about relaxing in front of a fire in a fireplace. All the work that goes into that …

Comfortable Construction: Temporary Heat In A Cold Climate

November 16, 2020

Keep the job going in safety and comfort with Kimlin Energy! If you’ve lived here in the Hudson Valley for any length of time, you know how brutally cold it can get here in the winter. And …

Converting Your Home To Propane: 8 Benefits

November 9, 2020

Get all these benefits with propane delivery from Kimlin Energy! If you’re looking for a great energy source that makes life in your Hudson Valley home better, look no further than propane! You may worry that converting …

Is it Time to Replace My Furnace or Boiler?

Is It Time To Replace My Furnace Or Boiler?

November 2, 2020

Don’t risk a breakdown this winter! That nip in the air is getting a little more sharp here in the Hudson Valley. Soon, you’ll be relying on your home’s furnace or boiler to keep your home warm, …

What’s the Difference Between a Furnace and a Boiler?

The Difference Between A Furnace And A Boiler

October 19, 2020

Learn about your home’s heating equipment! Here in the Hudson Valley, you may hear people talking about their furnace. As in, “I’ve got to get my furnace tuned up,” or “I can’t believe I had to …

What to Do When Your Heater Won’t Start

What To Do When Your Heater Won’t Start

October 12, 2020

Troubleshooting tips may save you a service call The weather has been getting cooler here in the Hudson Valley. We’re reaching for our jackets more and more when we head out. And soon, we’ll be turning …

Automatic Delivery is the Answer to an Empty Tank

Automatic Delivery Is The Answer To An Empty Tank

October 5, 2020

Stop risking a run-out! Our lives are pretty busy these days. In addition to the regular demands of work and life, many of us are also dealing with working remotely and remote learning for our children. That …

5 Interesting Facts About Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel: 5 Interesting Facts

September 28, 2020

Learn more about diesel! If you use diesel fuel in your personal car, or in your business, you may think you know all about it. You may be surprised to find out that you may not! Check …

Save on Repairs With Our Preferred Oil & Propane Service Plan

How To Save On Repairs With A Service Plan

September 21, 2020

Don’t get hit with big bills! Did you know the average cost to repair a furnace or boiler? For a furnace, it’s about $300. For a boiler, the average repair cost is about $400. And those are …

Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

September 14, 2020

10 Pros and Cons Are you looking to replace the water heater in your Hudson Valley home? Perhaps you’re ready to make an upgrade. Or, unfortunately, a water heater failure has forced your hand. As you have …